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About the Musical Alphabet

The musical alphabet has 7 notes named after the following letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. There are five additional notes that can be created by adding a sharp (#) or a flat (♭) to these musical letters. As a result, there are 12 possible tones in the musical alphabet.

Here is a list of all 12 tones, using sharps:
A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#        

And here is a list of all 12 of these notes, using flats:
A, B♭, B, C, D♭, D, E♭, E, F, G♭, G, A♭

If a note is neither sharp nor flat, it can be described as natural (♮). A note can be written as A or A♮, it is the same. The natural can be useful to show that a note is no longer sharp or flat.  When a note becomes sharp, its pitch is raised by one semi-tone. This makes it halfway closer in pitch to the next letter of the musical alphabet. For example, the pitch A# is halfway between the notes A and B. By the same token, when a note becomes flat, its pitch is lowered by a semi-tone. It is now halfway closer to the previous letter of the musical alphabet. For example, B ♭ is halifway between B and A. 

Note also that B ♭ and A # must therefore be the same pitch, just with two different names, depending on whether you are considering the pitch to be raised from one letter or lowered from the other. Enharmonic is the word used to describe the other note name for the same pitch. For example, the enharmonic to C# is D♭. Because making a pitch sharp raises its sound by a semi-tone, we can also say that B # is the enharmonic for C. B sharp does not commonly appear, but 

The distances between the 12 pitches listed above are all known as semi-tones. For example, from the note C to the note C#, the distance in pitch is known as a semi-tone. The distance from C to D is twice this amount and is therefore known as a whole tone. ​​When counting fowards in the musical alphabet,  pitches are getting higher, and when counting backwards, they are going lower. For example, C# is a semi-tone above C, one whole tone lower than E is D, and two whole tones above C is E.  

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